Covid 19 in fully vaccinated people

UK: Omicron cases found in fully vaccinated people.

More than half of omicron cases in the UK are found in people who have taken the double shots of the vaccine. People who had been fully vaccinated are reported to be affected, up to half of the first 22 cases of the Omicron variant of Covid in the UK, this was confirmed by the Health Safety Agency (HSA). 

Of the total number of these cases confirmed in England, as of November 30, 12 were said to have received the double doses of the vaccine more than 14 days before, the latest analysis has shown. The cases of people who were vaccinated over 28 days after receiving the first dose of vaccine are two, unvaccinated cases were six,  while the other two cases had no information available. 

No single one of the people who test positive for Omicron is known to be hospitalized. But the HSA said that most of the cases have a specimen date that is very recent and that there is a lag between the onset of infection and hospitalisation and death.

Investigations are confirmed by the UK health officials to be carried out to investigate a sharp rise in the number of Covid test results that have a trait associated with the newly identified Omicron variant. 

In about half of the PCR tests used in the country, one of its mutations produces a failure of the Sgene target  (SGTF). This helps distinguish the variant from the Delta variant and provides information about the spread of Omicron before full genomic sequencing occurs. The HSA said that the proportion of test results showing SGTF has been very low in recent months, but an increase was seen last week. 

Though the number of cases is still a very small number, investigations are being carried out to carefully and properly understand the cases whether they are related to travels or any other variant, or if there is evidence of the spread of Omicron starting from the community.

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