About Nsibidee

Nsibidee.com is your choice blog for Expressions and Insight.

The name, NSIBIDEE, is inspired by NSIBIDI.


Nsibidi is an ancient writing system of the indigenous people of southeastern Nigeria and southwestern Cameroon. Archaeological evidence has enabled the writing system to be dated to 2000 BC.

Nsibidee.com is not a conventional platform. It is non-conformist and projects unorthodox knowledge and approach to issues. While you may be uncomfortable with this position, you must remember that if what the masses know and practice (conventional and orthodox) was correct, the word masses would not be often qualified by words like poor, ordinary, helpless and downtrodden. 

If you are on Nsibidee.com,  it is because you do not subscribe to the description – masses. So why subscribe to orthodox, conventional and hence mediocre knowledge and approach.  

So be ready to hear the unorthodox and unconventional – the things the one per cent know and the ninety-nine per cent don’t.