Suicide Bombings Explosion in Kampala Uganda

Two Explosions Hit Uganda Capital, Kampala

Two explosions occurring within minutes, in an attack attributed to the extremist group, Allied Democratic Forces, has killed at least three people in suicide bombings in the Ugandan capital Kampala on November 16, 2021. Cars on fires sparked by an explosion near the parliament building were put off by people.

In the early hours of Tuesday, two explosions rocked the Ugandan capital Kampala, killing at least three civilians in what police described as an organised attack by extremists. It has been reported by the police that three suicide bombers also died in the blasts. The explosions wreaked havoc in Kampala as extremely frightened residents run away from the city centre. It is reported that bomb threats continue especially from suicide bombers. 

The Allied Democratic Forces, an extremist group affiliated with the Islamic State group has been accused of the explosions.  ISIS claimed responsibility for the explosions in a statement broadcast on its Telegram channels. A possible attack on a third target was foiled by police, who pursued and disarmed a suspected suicide bomber. The two explosions occurred within three minutes of each other. Both were carried out by assailants carrying explosives. One explosion occurred near a police station and the other on a street near parliament. This is according to statements issued by the police and some witnesses. 

The explosion near parliament appeared to strike closer to a building that housed an insurance company, and the ensuing fire engulfed cars parked outside. Body parts were seen on the street and some lawmakers were later seen vacating the parliament building. Following the attack, scores of people have been treated at the city’s main public referral hospital, but five were seriously wounded. In the wake of the explosions, many people on motorcycles scrambled to leave the city while police cordoned off large areas near the scene of the blast. Ugandan officials have called for vigilance following a spate of suicide bombings in recent weeks. Reports have it that one person was killed and at least seven others injured in an explosion at a restaurant on the outskirts of Kampala on October 23. Two days later another explosion on a passenger bus killed only the suicide bomber. 

Before the attacks, the British government had updated its travel advisory to Uganda to indicate that extremists “would most likely attempt to carry out attacks” in the East African country. The Allied Democratic Forces, an Islamic State affiliate in Central Africa, claimed responsibility for the attack on the restaurant. It was also reported that Tuesday’s attacks bore similarity to the previous attacks carried out by this group, although there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

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