How to prevent snakes in your toilets.

Most reptiles would find it hard to gain entry into the water closets, they usually find it simpler to go in from the concrete chambers behind the house through which sewage pipes get linked and through cracks, under the doorways and crevices. Snakes can get into unusual places like toilets through opening in the sewers so as to get their next meal. Plumbers have seen more snakes in roofs through hollow space  and under the house than toilets. Snakes can get into the toilet through the sewer opening. Most times they enter in pursuit of their meal or just following the trail of their next meal. Sewers may offer a hiding place for mice and rats. 

People assume that there is water in the toilet sink but the toilet is designed such that the water stays only in the sink and the pipe leading to the soakaway is always empty.First To prevent snakes from gaining entry into your home is to first make your home unattractive to snakes.

1. Keep your bathroom doors and windows tightly shut so a snake can’t crawl in.

2. Snakes will follow its meals trail, so when you have mice or rats in your home get rid of them faster. This will make your home unattractive to snakes. 

3. Be sure your surroundings are kept clean, no bushes around your house so as not to serve as harbour for rodents.

4. Fumigate your toilet sink regularly.  There are pesticides that are made purposely for this.

5. Always Keep your bathroom lid closed.

6. Lastly, check your toilet before you sit on the sink and avoid using the toilet in the dark. Also avoid using public toilets,  if you must, do not sit directly on it, and be watchful.

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