Live longer and healthier

Do These Five Things To Live Longer and Healthier.

The following are quick and easy daily activities to prolong your life, especially now that the freedom we once enjoyed has been disturbed in the last two years by the pandemic.

Go outside.

Take a walk outside. Your skin produces vitamin D when exposed outside. This is important for mental well-being and general mental well-being. Such a simple activity can count towards your daily workout routine because movement has many health benefits. It is even better to take the walk outside with friends or family. Taking a walk outside can also help reduce stress levels, which can increase longevity. A daily walk in the great outdoors with a loved one could add years to your life. If your loved ones don’t live nearby to accompany you on your daily walks, talking to them on the phone while taking a walk can be just as rewarding.

Meaningful relationships and laugh more.

It has been discovered that people who have meaningful relationships tend to live longer. Being surrounded by loved ones who chat and keep one company brings about a healthy mental well being.

Reduce stress level and go for regular health check-up

Stress has been linked to dozens of health problems, including heart disease and/or cancer.  It is imperative to participate in regular health checks. Examples may include smear tests, enamel tests, mammograms and intestinal screening. Any disease detected at an early stage is more likely to be treatable. These checks will not be free, but it is a worthwhile expenditure that can prevent future misery from ill-health. 

Dietary adjustment

Eating less meat and increasing plant-based foods in the diet can extend your longevity. Such a dietary adjustment can lead to less cholesterol and saturated fat intake and risk of cardiovascular disease.

Floss Daily

Chronic bacterial infection of the gums can lead to inflammation of the blood vessels.

The substance that builds up between your teeth doesn’t come out on its own, and the inflammation of the gums it can trigger has been linked to the risk of cardiovascular disease. So much so that flossing twice a day is one of the tips offered to help you live longer. Flossing your teeth every day is essential for the overall health of your body and can increase your life expectancy by up to 10 years. Doctors and dentists say brushing and flossing are essential for good dental health, and dental health has long been linked to life expectancy.

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