Kaduna four-day workweek

CAN, Kaduna Chapter, Advised Public Servants Not to celebrate the four-day workweek Policy.

Christian Association of Nigeria, Kaduna State chapter on Tuesday has addressed Governor Nasir El-Rufai concerning the issue of the reduction of working days of public servants to a four-day workweek. The announcement was made on Monday by the Kaduna state government that it would begin the transition to a four-day workweek soon, adding that public servants would in the meantime be working from home one day a week. 

This transition to a four-day workweek is seen by Rev John Hayab, the Vice-Chairman of CAN in the 19 northern states and Abuja as a “Greek gift” to state workers. He said the state government is supposed to be worried about the insecurity wreaking havoc on the state and not the reduction of working days.  

The CAN leader warned not to get too excited about the news until they can confirm there is no concealed motive like the reduction of their salaries thereby resulting in the workers being short-changed at the end. Also, he marvelled at the insecurity of the state and wondered how the state could talk about giving time for public servants to farm and be with their families when bandits run free terrorising people. 

Hayab added that the association would continue to pray and support good policies aimed at improving the lives of workers across the state.

To the members of the State House of Assembly, he appealed to them to be on the side of the people and distance themselves from unpopular policies that were capable of bringing pain and hardship to the people.

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